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Stem Cell Therapy for Cardiovascular Disorder in India with Tour2India4Health


Stem Cell Therapy for Cardiovascular Disorder (CVD) in India with Tour2India4Health

Cardiovascular disorder (CVD) is a term which is used for disorders related to the heart or blood vessels- arteries, capilliaries and veins or both.

Signs and Symptoms

Most common symptoms suggestive of cardiovascular disorders include- leg pain, chest pain, shortlessness of breath, fatigue, lightheadedness and fainting, palpitations, rapid and shallow breathing, pale and clammy appearance, rapid and/or irregular heart rate, swollen veins in the neck, high or low blood pressure, enlarged heart, abnormalities in the retina, swelling in the feet and ankles. Fluid in the lungs, cool extremities, extra or abnormal heart sounds via a sthethoscope, etc.

Risks Factors for Cardiovascular Disorder

There are are a number of risk factors for CVD, includes- smoking, high blood pressure and high blood cholesterol, lack of exercise, diabetes, being overweight or obese, ethnic background and a family history of heart disease. The amount of alcohol you drink and how you deal with stress are also linked to the risk of developing Cardiovascular Disorder.

The stem cells are known to have a tangible application in cardiovascular disorders (CVD). They have the ability to differentiate into the cardiac muscle cells and restore the damaged cardiac cells. They also have the ability to home to the heart through blood circulation, differentiate and integrate with the heart tissue and give rise to the new cardiac muscle by increasing the ejection fraction.

The stem cells are nature’s own transformers. When the body is injured the stem cells will travel the scene of the accident. Some cells come from the bone marrow while a modest number of others from the heart itself. They may help health the damaged tissue and they do this by secreting the local hormones for rescuing the damaged heart cells.

Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy for Cardiovascular Disorder

After the stem cell therapy for cardiovascular disorder in India, patients can feel energetic, active and agile with the improvement in the cardiac function secondary to the stem cell induced cardiac myogenesis. It has been observed that there is an improvement in the pumping capacity of the heart. There has been a remarkable increase in the ejection fraction.

With the evolving science, there are many options available to treat such heart disorders. Tour2India4Health provides assistance to patients seeking the Stem Cell Therapy for Cardiovascular Disorder in India. If you are seeking Stem Cell Therapy for Cardiovascular Disorder in India, send us your detailed medical history, test reports to get your initial consultation with our doctors and ascertain whether you are eligible for a stem cell therapy. Get in touch with us by filling up a free consultation form on our website.


  1. I want to know about Stem Cell Therapy for Cardiovascular Disorder
    and how much is effective and tell me the best price in India..

    1. The price of Stem Cell Therapy for Cardiovascular Disorder in India around $12,000. stem cell therapy is most effective for overall disease.