Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Miss. Lou Anne, USA done Facelift Surgery at Goa in India with Tour2India4Health

Miss. Lou Anne, USA done Facelift Surgery at Goa in India with Tour2India4Health

Miss. Lou Anne from the USA had travelled to India to get the facelift surgery done at Goa in India with the assistance of Tour2India4Health. Here’s a patient testimonial describing about her experience of getting the facelift surgery at Goa in India through our medical value provider in India.
Hi, I am Miss. Lou Anne from the US. I got my facelift surgery at Goa in India through Tour2India4Health.
I came to India from US for my facelift surgery since it is very expensive in the USA. I have started searching for medical tourism providers in India since one of my colleagues have shared her experience of getting her surgery done in India. She had an amazing experience with Tour2India4Health who helped her with arrangements for her travel, medical visa, flight ticket bookings, appointment with the surgeon for facelift surgery at Goa in India. I got impressed with her experience and therefore decided to contact them for further interaction.

I sent them my inquiry about the facelift surgery at Goa in India and within two days I received a call from them providing the required information. The executive over the phone was kind and explained me everything I need to be knowing about the surgery. They provided with options for the surgery in India with the best medical facilities, services and care from the top facelift surgeons in India. They provided mails and information about their medical service provider and the services they offer to support the global patients seeking their facelift surgery at Goa in India.
My friend accompanied with me for my facelift Surgery Goa in India.
They helped us with arranging our visas, appointment with the best cosmetic surgeon Mumbai and accommodation during our trip to India. Further they sent us the detailed information about the surgeon who has international accreditation. They had offered us special packages for my facelift surgery at Goa in India which suited my budget without having to put my health at stake. They also provided surgical services involving the pre-surgery tests, stay, medications, arrangements for transportation, health food, etc.

We received a warm welcome at the airport, wherein a gentleman had come to receive us and escorted to our accommodation. The next morning we were taken to the clinic where we met the surgeon. He was a kind person who again explained us what to expect before the surgery. It helped me have faith as it reduced all my fears and anxieties about the surgery. My surgery went well and the recovery was smooth. The doctors, nurses and staff took care of me which ensured fast recovery.
I was satisfied with the kind of care and services received during my entire Trip to India.
The team of Tour2India4Health helped me with the cost savings for the surgery which was quite expensive at my native place. The hospitals and clinics in India were par with the international standards and the surgeons and doctors were very friendly. The nurses and hospital staff were very comforting and caring. Post facelift surgery at Goa in India we have visited different tourists locations and beaches in Goa.

Now after my cosmetic surgery Goa, I am very much happy with the result and would thank the doctor and team of Tour2India4Health to render wonderful support during my entire journey. I have never considered doing this procedure until I got to know about this medical service provider offering affordable price surgery in India.

Thanking You,
Miss. Lou Anne,

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