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Choosing a Best Hospital for Hip Replacement Surgery India


Choosing a Best Hospital for Hip Replacement Surgery India

A hip replacement surgery India is a surgical procedure in which the hip joint will be replaced using a prosthetic implant. The causes of hip pain include fracture, osteoarthritis, aseptic bone necrosis, etc. Sometimes the conditions improve but there is no cure for joint pain and the severe cases cannot be always controlled by rehabilitation and medications. Some patients may experience impaired movements and difficulty in walking that impacts their everyday activities. These patients may choose the best hip replacement surgery hospital as it entails the removal of the damaged hip and replacement with prosthesis which is made up of a combination of plastic and metal.

Best Hospital for Hip Replacement Surgery India

The best hospitals for the hip replacement surgery in India offer the cutting edge technology and diagnostic methods which are supported by the treatment options for the bone and hip related issues. The best hospitals for a hip replacement surgery in India are located at various cities across the country. Tour2India4Health has association with the best hospitals for hip replacement surgery India having highly qualified and skilled hip replacement surgeons and team of doctors offering excellent care to the patients.

Best Hospital for Hip Replacement Surgery India

Candidate for Hip Replacement Surgery India

Arthritis is the most common disease leading to the hip replacement surgery in India. Osteoarthritis or degenerative arthritis is a type of arthritis that occurs with aging. In order that the patients are eligible for a hip replacement surgery India, the candidates must meet the following criteria:
  • Experience chronic pain in the hip joints
  • Little to no relief even after taking pain medications
  • Pain during rising from a sitting position
  • Experiencing problem in day to day activities such as climbing stairs, walking, etc.
  • Having to stop activities due to too much pain
An orthopedic surgeon will be able to see the damage due to the cartilage surrounding the joint area and based on your specific case will indicate the hip replacement surgery India accordingly.

Types of Hip Replacement Surgery India

Best Hip Replacement Surgeons in India

There are various types of hip replacement surgery India:

  • Total Hip Replacement
The total hip replacement surgery has become a common procedure that alleviates the pain and debilitation caused due to rheumatoid arthritis, dislocations, osteoarthritis, fractures, congenital deformities and other hip joint related problems.

  • Partial Hip Replacement
During this surgery, the hip socket is left intact and the head of the femur bone is replaced with an artificial component which is same as used in the total hip replacement.

  • Minimally Invasive Hip Replacement
It is a new techniques of hip replacement in which the surgeon makes two inch incisions or one 3.5-1/2 inch incision. Using the newly designed smaller implants, the surgeon will then remove the damaged bones and inserts the parts of the new prosthesis.

  • Hip Resurfacing
It is a surgical procedure which is developed as an interventional alternative to the total hip replacement surgery. It is designed to reline rather than replace the worn hip joint and creates a bigger hip ball that reduces the risk of dislocation.

  • Double Hip Replacement
It is a very successful procedure to treat the hip arthritis and recommended for the patients suffering from the degenerative joint conditions such as osteoarthritis.

  • Revision Hip Replacement
It is a procedure to replace the worn out hip replacement implant which means that part or all of your previous hip replacements needs to be revised.

 Hip Replacement Surgery India with Tour2India4Health


Tour2India4Health provides assistance to the patients for choosing the best hospital for hip replacement surgery India at the most affordable cost. Send us your inquiry to book your appointment at the best hospitals for hip replacement surgery India.

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