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Low Cost Hip Replacement Surgery in India: Immensely Beneficial for International Patients

Low Cost Hip Replacement Surgery in India
Low Cost Hip Replacement Surgery

Orthopedic surgeries are quite frequently availed today as they are a very safe and effective way of getting rid of the uneasiness and discomforting pain that comes along with the Hip related disorders. The primary causes that may affect the Hip Joint are Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Traumatic Arthritis. 
Hip Replacement surgery is chosen, when all other modes of treatment have failed to provide any relief to the patient. The main goal of a Hip Replacement procedure is to swap the damaged Hip Joint with an artificial one to improve the mobility and quality of life for the patient. 

Hip Replacement Procedures:
During this procedure, an Orthopedic surgeon makes a long cut along the Hip and then moves the muscles to get a clear view of the damaged area. Then the thigh bone is cut and the ball portion of the joint is removed and an artificial joint is attached to the thighbone by using either cement or a component that facilitates this process. Then the outer section of the hip bone is repaired by eliminating any affected cartilage and then the replacement socket part is joined to the hip bone. The new ball section of the thighbone is placed into the socket part of the hip, muscles are attached and the cuts are closed. 
Today there are many advanced approaches of performing this procedure like Minimally Invasive that includes Posterior and Anterior Total Hip Replacement approaches. 

Hospitals for Hip Replacement in India:
There are many centers of excellence in India that offer this procedure as their specialty. Highly renowned Hospitals like Apollo, Fortis, Medanta, Max Healthcare, Wockhart and many more have dedicated Orthopedic departments with the most modern diagnostic and surgical instruments that have made Hip Replacement Surgery India a very favored procedure. These hospitals have extremely talented Orthopedic specialists, who have attained specialized training and have several years of experience of performing this surgery. 

Cost of Hip Replacement Surgery in India:
There is no doubt that the rising fame of India as a medical tourism hub is owing to the presence of outstanding features that has helped innumerable medical tourists. But the most crucial factor that has boosted this popularity is the cost effectiveness of the healthcare services. Low cost Hip Replacement surgery in India is attracting countless patients from all corners of the world. While in India, the international patients can avail this procedure for $7,200 whereas the same procedure is priced at $40,364 in USA and $13,900 in Singapore.

Success rate:
Each and every medical specialty in India is extremely updated and Indian hospitals make sure that the infrastructure used in catering to the patients is the latest, which ensure more precision and high success rate. Most sophisticated kind of treatment techniques are used for Hip Replacement surgery India so that the patients do not have to worry about any kind of complications and negative results. The success rate at the Indian hospitals is at par with global benchmarks, which is extremely assuring for the medical tourists. 

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