Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Saudi Arabia Patient get special packages for stem cell therapy in India

Saudi Arabia Patients prefer low cost stem cell therapy in India due to various challenges posed by the healthcare system in their country. The number of issues include shortage of Saudi health professionals, limited financial resources, health ministry’s  multiple roles, changing patterns of disease, absence of a national crisis management policy, high demand due to free services, lack of national health information system, poor accessibility to some healthcare facilities and underutilization of the potential electronic health strategies.

The stem cell therapy benefits India include using ths stem cells obtained from the patient’s own blood bone marrow, umbilical cord tissue, fat or blood. These progenitor cells lead to creating new cells called as generative cells. This procedure is done by the highly qualified and skilled doctors across India. The hospitals and clinics in India have state of the art equipment which increases the overall success rate of the stem cell therapy in India. Tour2India4Health is a leading medical value provider assisting the Saudi Arabia Patients to get special packages with the low cost stem cell therapy in India.

Benefits of stem cell therapy in India for international patients:

  1. The stem cell therapy benefits India for the international patients include the drastic improvement in the condition of many people with degenerative diseases. 
  1. The stem cell research has paved way for effective treatment discoveries with great possibility to discover cures and treatments for a wide variety of illnesses such as spinal cord injury, schizoprenoa, diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and more. 
  1. It offers a lot of medical benefits in the therapeutic sectors of regenerative medicine and cloning. The limbs and organs can be grown in labs from the stem cells and used for treatment of transplants.
  1. It helps researcher to know more about the growth of human cells and their development. 
  1. It uses the cells of the patient’s own body and hence reduces the risk of rejection since it belongs to the same human body.
  1. It speeds up the healing time, reduces the need for medications, lowers the chronic pain, increases the functionality, reduces the nerve damage and improves the collagen concentrations.

Offers provided by Tour2india4health for Saudi patients:

  • Provides assistance for medical visas, flight, insurance and acquaintance to the local conditions.
  • Provides Excellent Medical Services and Care to the Saudi patients seeking low cost stem cell therapy in India.
  • Special packages, privilege and care for the patients.
  • Providing best treatment options from the panel of our experts from leading hospitals after they review you medical case.
  • Complete assistance from the moment you contact us till the time you reach back your native country safely.
  • Easy access to the highly equipped, state of the art clinics and hospitals, skilled doctors and caring staff.
  • Saudi patients are greeted upon arrival at the airport by Tour2India4Health executive.
  • Arrange local conveyances, transportation, hotel accommodation, sightseeing, etc. as per your needs. India has many places of interest for the purpose of pilgrimage, heritage as well as scenic places.
  • Provide various value added services such as internet, mobile, etc.
  • Our team can also convey the patient’s health status to relatives and friends back home
  • Fast and efficient services with no waiting lists
To take advantage of all this offers visit:
Tour2India4Health has been prominent medical value provider in India providing special packages that are stem cell therapy benefits India to the Saudi Arabia patients. Fix your appointment by calling at +91-9371136499, +91-9860755000 or send your query to

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