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Extra care for your joints, get fast track services with Tour2India4Health


Orthopedic surgery India is concerned with treating the patients with musculoskeletal disorders. The physicians and doctors who specialize in treating the diseases and injuries of the musculoskeletal system are the best orthopedic surgeons India. They perform surgery for restoring the lost function due to injury or disease of the bones, muscles, joints, ligaments, nerves, tendons or skin. Tour2India4Health assist the patients by offering extra care for your joint with their fast track services for low cost orthopedic surgery India.

Who needs Orthopedic Surgery?

Orthopedic surgery is instrumental to correct the problems arising in the skeleton and its attachments, the tendons and ligaments. It may also deal with some problems of the nervous system such as which arises due to injury of the spine. These problems may occur at birth or due to ageing or through injury. They may either be chronic as in many ageing-related problems or acute as in an injury.

Advance Orthopedic Surgeries:

The micro-disectomy spine surgery is a highly specialized procedure done on the spine to reduce the pain in the legs. It is done through a small incision wherein the surgeons relieve pressure on a spinal nerve which is being impinged upon by a herniated disc. By relieving this pressure, the nerve will heal faster.

The arthroscopic surgery is a minimally invasive surgical procedure repairing a tear in the cup of the shoulder. Surgeons make a small incision using an arthroscope for treating the damaged joint. This technique allows the surgeons to go in between the tendons, muscles and other structures within the shoulder to repair the joint. This procedure reduces the recovery time by avoiding major incisions and damaged to the healthy tissue.

The computer guided knee replacement surgery starts the surgery with a custom cutting guide developed through the MRI imaging. This is uses by the surgeon during the surgery to position the knee implant for fitting the natural joint.  Due to shorter surgery time, the patient experience fewer complications and a shorter recovery time.

Surgeons are now able to perform a delicate micro vascular surgery for repairing the damaged hand and restoring the geeling with just a small incision. Using the sophisticated microscope, best orthopedic surgeons India work between small structures in the hand to fix the nerves, blood vessels and avoid injuries to the healthy structures. 

Cost of Orthopedic Surgery in India:

On an average the all inclusive packages offered by Tour2India4Health for orthopedic surgery India are 25 to 30% lower than the cost of treatment in the developed countries.

USA ($) 
UK (S)
Singapore ($)
India ($)
Spine surgery with implants
Hip replacement
Knee replacement
Spinal fusion

Cure Ratio:

The low cost orthopedic surgery India has a cure ration of 90 to 95% from the best orthopedic surgeons India.

At Tour2India4Health Consultants, we offer the following services:

  • Personalized, coordinated affordable, patient-centric orthopedic surgery India
  • Association with the best orthopedic surgeons India having immense experience managing the most complex orthopedic cases successfully
  • We provide options for you to carefully select the hospitals and surgeons for your treatment in India
  • We help you with medical visa assistance, flight ticket bookings, etc.
  • Ensure to provide you with the right treatment plan
  • Confirm accurate diagnosis by providing you multiple opinions
  • Personalized management of complete treatment and help you achieve positive outcome
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