Saturday, 22 July 2017

Want to Cure the Burn Scar ? Try Plastic Surgery in India

How Plastic Surgery helps?

Nothing is more painful than a burn of the skin be it large or small. This is because the raw skin uncovered when the injured skin peels off opens the nerve endings which are constantly traumatized by air, clothing and water. It will taken about two to three weeks to heal and even after they heal, the burn scars of the skin often leave a pigmentation change on the skin along with a texture change. Often the skin is red and itchy and may not stretch in a normal way. Overtime the redness may fade but the scar never resolves truly. This constant visual reminder of the trauma and pain of the injury can leave psychological scars on the soul.

Patients who are lucky to have a family to talk to or loved ones to heal with may learn to accept their new skin texture and color. However, those who are burned will never learn to accept their changed appearance. They will long to return to the normal skin they had before injury. To help with this sense of loss, the plastic surgeon will try removing as much of the scar skin as possible and where it cannot be removed then at least change the shape and color to return the appearance of the skin closer to normal while improving the motion and the function of the scar. Hence the affordable cost plastic surgery India will enable the patient more freedom from the painful scars. In some cases, simple surgeries are quite effective for improving a scar. This new sense of hope is why patients seek plastic surgery as it help many of the burn survivors to re-integrate with their friends and once again allow them to participate in community activities.
Tour2India4Health has associations with the best plastic surgeon who performs low cost plastic surgery India to improve your overall appearance and optimize the outcome of the plastic surgery procedures.

Targeted body parts in Plastic Surgery:

Plastic surgery India deals with repairing, reconstruction or replacement of the targeted body parts such as hand, skin, extremities, musculoskeletal system, breast and trunk, cranio-maxillofacial structures, external genitalia, etc.

Why do plastic surgery?

Low cost plastic surgery India helps to create the body you desired by improving or chaging the physical characteristics that bothered you. The affordable cost plastic surgery India will help improve self-image of the patients. After surgery, they will feel good about the results and maintain a positive image about themselves. Plastic surgery India helps to create both physical changes and changes in self-esteem as well.

Why choose India and Tour2India4Health?

  1. Affordable costAffordable cost plastic surgery in India is elective so your insurance company may not cover the expense for this procedure. You’ll have to pay the complete amount which could cost you around $20,000 or more in the US, £15,000 or more in the UK as per the procedure. However, it will cost less than 1/4th in India hence most global patients choose India and Tour2India4Health.
  1. Experienced surgeons and best hospitalsTour2India4Health has association with the experienced surgeons and best hospitals in India. Dr. Ajay Kashyap is Director at Fortis Hospital and with over 25 years of experience, he has helped thousands of patients to get a makeover they desired. A gifted medical professional with specialty to perform various plastic surgery India, to get consultation from Dr. Ajay Kashyap, fill up the enquiry form.
  1. Services provided by Tour2India4Health:
·         Arranging medical visas, appointment with best plastic surgeons, accommodation, etc.
·         Provides utmost care to select the best suitable surgery from best medical fraternity thereby ensure faster recovery
·         Low cost plastic surgery India that suits your budget
·         Assistance with flight ticket bookings, foreign exchange facility, languagtors, etc.

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