Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Cost of Stem Cell Therapy in India: Benificial and Recommended

What is Stem Cell Therepy?

The stem cell therapy in India is an intricate process in which the patients need utmost care both emotionally and physically. At Tour2india4health Consultants, a prominent medical value provider in India the patients from abroad get the stem cell therapy benefits India. This is because we offer world-class medical facilities from the best surgeons and hospitals to provide low cost stem cell therapy in India.

How does Stem Cell Therepy Works?

The stem cell therapy has become an extremely popular medical treatment as many doctors recommend it and most patients reap its benefits. Even the doctors are recommending the stem cell therapy in India for medical issues which once seemed as if they had no other option for treatment except surgery.

But how does the stem cell therapy work? To help you answer this question, we are going to take a look at what the stem cell therapy is and how it works and how it could help you.
The stem cell therapy is the process of using the aforementioned cells which help the patient’s bodies repair the damaged tissue. It can either accelerate an otherwise slow healing process or allow the body to heal the tissues which would otherwise remained damaged permanently. The medical advancements is the stem cell therapy has been remarkable for the advancement of the non-invasive medical treatments. So instead of opting for the surgery which is the only option most doctors present, now patients have a safe, natural and effective alternatives for the joint disorders and beyond.

It is also possible to combine the PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Therapy with the stem cell therapy in certain situations for providing an additional element helping in the process of healing. Inspite of the advanced nature of stem cell therapy, the process has a surprisingly short lead time. In most cases, a single treatment will only take around four hours. 


Usually the stem cell therapy costs between 20 to 50% less than the surgery for treatments of the same ailment. This does not even account for the need of surgery revisions. At Tour2india4health Consultants, offer the low cost stem cell therapy in India as compared to the expensive prices prevailing in the Western countries. The stem cell therapy benefits India include the savings measured in thousands of dollars for the major procedures. The cost comparison for the stem cell therapy in India is $6000 while this would costs around $8000 in the US.

Success Rate:

The success rate of stem cell therapy in India is higher. There is a 60 to 80 percent overall success rates for stem cell therapy in India and across the globe. However, the success rates also vary as per the disease being treated, the condition of the patient and the institute conducting the procedures.

The stem cell therapy benefits India include the higher success rate due to highly qualified and trained medical professionals from the world renowned medical institutions across India and abroad providing excellent outcomes at the best clinics and hospitals.

Tour2india4health Consultants PVT. LTD. offers assistance seeking stem cell therapy benefits India. We offer the low cost stem cell therapy in India without compromising the quality of treatments, services and care. 

In order to receive complete information about the stem cell therapy in India, contact us by sending us your query to or call us at +91-9371136499. Our patient coordinator will get back to you for further interaction.

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